Indalo Services


Borehole drilling
This involves the transporting and establishment of our advanced portable borehole drilling equipment to the drilling site. An experienced team of operators executes drilling of the borehole to the desired depth. Our operations are executed in accordance to (SANS 10299-2003): Development, Maintenance and Management of Groundwater Resources. Compliance to these standards ensures safe operations and protects the environment against groundwater abuse.

Yield Testing
This process involves pumping and monitoring of water volumes that can be supplied by the borehole. Internal factors such as flowrate and pump running time etc. is taken into consideration. The recovery rate of the aquifer is determined. This information is required to understand the capacity of the borehole and setting requirements for the pump.

Borehole Equipping
The borehole pump is sized based on borehole depth, water table stability and borehole application. The borehole pump can be powered by electrical supply, solar power, windmill or mechanical pump mechanism depending on the client’s requirements.

Water quality testing
We conduct water sampling services; the samples are taken for laboratory analysis where they are analysed according to the drinking water standards (SANS 241-2015). Based on the water quality results, a recommendation is given regarding the necessity of installing water purification filters or chlorination system to ensure safety.



Rainwater harvesting
This process involves the harvesting of rainwater into water storage tanks during rainy weather conditions. The water tanks are installed in such a way that rainwater is collected from building structure rooftops, filtered and stored for future use. This water may be passed through a water filter system and supplied to the household for potable water use.

Greywater systems
This involves the re-use of water from the baths, showers and sinks. This water is collected from pipe outlets and fed into a storage tank (underground tank is optional); the grey water can be used for irrigation in the garden and can be connected to toilet plumbing system and used for flushing toilets.



Water storage and reticulation infrastructure
We are accredited Jojo tank installers and all tank installations are professionally executed to meet manufacturers standards. The water tank provides a local buffer by storing water on site and having it readily available for use on demand. These tanks are installed on the surface or underground as required by the client. We also install booster pumps which connect buffer tank outputs to point of use, this ensures that a suitable water pressure is maintained at all water usage points. We offer water filtration and chlorination systems if required (depends on water quality).


Septic tank installations
We design and install sewer systems for septic tank installations where there is no municipal sewer infrastructure available. The septic tank location and soak away is installed such that ground water is not contaminated by effluent. The soak away is carefully designed using results from soil percolation tests obtained from the Geological site report.


Appropriately sized conservancy tanks are installed on site to ensure safe and complete sewer management infrastructure is available. Level indicating instruments and alarms are installed to ensure optimum flawless operation. Our after sales services ensures that the client has support as and when required.