Water is a basic need for survival and all life depends on it; this makes water a precious resource that we need to conserve, “water is life”

Indalo Water & Energy Solutions is a company that cares about the earth and its conservation. We offer sustainable, reliable, clean water and energy alternatives that contribute towards preserving water & energy resources for future generations.

Our services offer “off-grid” water solutions taking our clients a step closer to making their property self-sustaining. Significant financial savings and peace of mind is enjoyed by our clients.

We are a 100% Black Owned Level 1 BBBEE company and proud members of the Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa; we operate in accordance to the National Water Act published by Department of Water and Sanitation.


borehole water association water & sanitation

We Specialise in:

  • Complete Borehole Services with water purification
  • Water Storage Installations
  • Rainwater & Greywater Harvesting Solutions
  • Septic Tank Installations
  • and Solar Energy Solutions



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